Organisational changes in Process Engineering: New COO

Process Engineering has ambitious plans for our growth over the next four years, where we plan to go from 115 to 300 employees and increase our foreign activities. As a part of our strategy we have hired a new COO, Mogens Olesen, who will be responsible for the Danish market.

Process Engineering has ambitious plans for our growth over the next four years, where we plan to triple the number of employees and focus even more strongly on our activities abroad. In Denmark we have around 115 employees at the moment, and that number has to be increased to around 200. When it comes to foreign countries, we are looking particularly at Norway, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Ireland. Here our plan is to employ around 100 people by the end of 2023.

“With this growth we want to strengthen our company and consultancy within process technology provided for, for example, the food industry, the pharma industry and the biotech industry,” says CEO and owner Poul B. Jakobsen, and adds:

“With this expansion it’s our goal to move even closer to our customers and give them the consultancy that they need when they are to buy and install new process equipment.”

New COO with a focus on the Danish market

As a part of the implementation of the new strategy, we have appointed Mogens Olesen as the new COO. His is going to focus on growth in the Danish market, which is something that Poul B. Jakobsen has been handling until now. However, he is also going to focus on achieving growth in the foreign markets.

Mogens Olesen has through some time been employed as an external consultant and therefore he knows everything about our values and culture. He has managed the construction of a new Tine dairy in Ireland – a giant dairy project worth around DKK 600 million. Poul B. Jakobsen has headhunted Mogens Olesen for his new job.

Mogens Olesen was trained as a mechanical engineer and took a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and EBA (Engineering Business Administration). Overall, Mogens Olesen has a wide engineering background combined with a great deal of management experience.

“I’m happy and proud that Poul B. Jakobsen has offered me the position as the new Vice President,” says Mogens Olesen, and adds:

“I’m looking forward to having the responsibility for growth in the Danish market. Here we’ll focus particularly on growth in the meat and fish industry as well as in pharmaceutical and biotechnical production. I’m also looking forward to hiring around 100 new people in the following years – employees who are to provide consultancy for Danish companies only. I like to work with people and technique. And that’s exactly the two things that constitute the foundation of Process Engineering.”

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