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Process Engineering has many years of experience working with food & biotech. We work with you to provide the best possible process solution.

In partnership with our clients we contribute with process solutions that produce healthy and sustainable food of a high quality. The process design focuses on solutions that are technologically innovative, sustainable and resource-efficient. Our design solutions handle e.g. the food and biotech industry’s objectives for the green transition and thus a reduction of CO2 by 2030.

We have extensive knowledge of food and biotech processing plants based on general good manufacturing practice for hygienic equipment, components and materials that are used to handle, process and package products in which a high degree of hygiene is required. The design of process plants and process lines complies with acknowledged hygienic standards such as the EHEDG guidelines, the 3-A sanitary standards and EU regulation 1935/2004 regarding materials and objects intended for contact with food, etc.

Our services include end-to-end engineering process design, where we have many years of practical experience from process plants and process lines. Our various projects related to process plants and process lines within food & biotech give us the required knowledge in several industries. Below you can read more about the various industries.

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With Process Engineering as your interdisciplinary engineering partner, your project is in focus. We manage the entire project with reporting to e.g. the steering group, and we take part as a part of a project team with reference to your project manager or as a specific consulting service under your management.

We offer feasibility studies, conceptual and basic design, detailed design, installation and commissioning and handover. We have experience of many technologies and unit operations across the food & biotech sector, which you can read more about below in the areas ingredients, dairies, breweries and soft drinks, slaughterhouse & processing and the fish industry, plus bakery, confectionary & cereals.


Our competences based on practical experience in relevant technologies and the ability to perform detailed design make us one of the leading consultants in the ingredient industry. The ingredient industry manufactures several innovative products, where IP rights are crucial. Naturally, they are somewhat secretive about the process and are not always interested in one turnkey supplier to the process plant. For this reason they need consultants who understand the details of the technologies and, among other things, can handle the interfaces between these.

Some of the projects are devised in a university environment and are usually of an innovative nature where the ingredients live up to the functional healthy properties and create a circular supply chain through utilisation of residual products from other food productions. Other ingredients extend the foods’ durability. By means of this Process Engineering lives up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – a fact that we are pleased with.

Forprojekt - Protein Launch Plant
Food og biotek

The dairy industry

We offer our extensive knowledge of process plants to the dairy industry both at home and abroad for all projects no matter what is the size and complexity. We perform operational reviews of existing process plants and process lines, and we offer flexible and increased resource management for your technical department. Our involvement in projects enables “fast track” execution and CapEx optimisation. We manage all the functions in the project organisation from the project manager, the technical project management, the process engineer, site management, supervision, the run-in responsible and engineer, safety coordination as well as documentation.

Our competences comprise powder management, recombination plants, silo & container storage,  fresh milk plants, heat treatment, aseptics, fermentation plants, cheese plants, crystallisation, separation and filtration processes, hydrolysis plants, active coal plants, decalcification plants, electrodialysis plants, butter and oil plants, ice cream plants, concentration through evaporation, drying plants for powder, filling and packaging machines, powder packaging, finished goods management and CIP plants.

Brewery and soft drinks

The brewery and soft drinks industry includes breweries and soda, juice and mineral water factories. These factories and process plants can benefit from our competences and experiences in all or parts of the processes.

Our knowhow includes raw material management such as powder, sugar, dissolver and mixing and dosage plants, cleaning, fermentation, inactivation/heat treatment, filling machines and understanding of component and instrument choices in the process design.

Food & Biotech
Food og biotek

Slaughterhouse & processing and the fish industry

Based on our experience in the slaughterhouse and processing industry, we offer our services for solution proposals in relation to the entire processing chain to do with the slaughter of living animals and deboning and packaging of cold meat.

Today our internal competences cover:

  • Slaughter, cutting, deboning and packaging
  • Logistics, processing, retail packaging, warehouse and service
  • Hygiene solutions, staff and product flow
  • Automation, MES and IT

We offer our services at home and abroad and the projects are very different. In the preliminary phases of projects, we prepare master plans for the production facilities based on the client’s own feasibility study as well as reviews and discussions about procurement, installation and run-ins of packaging lines. Our practical hands-on experience means that you have the opportunity to discuss operations.

Bakery, confectionary & cereals

Bakery, confectionary & cereals include, among other things, bakeries, snacks, candy and confectionary manufacturing, cereals, convenience food and alcohol distillation. These factories and process plants have synergy and can benefit from our competences and experiences.

Our competences are based on our experience of operation and process design and cover:

  • Powder management, storage and packaging of powders
  • Requirements specifications
  • Risk analysis (HAZOP), zone classification (ATEX) and CE marking
  • Process design and validation of process plants and process lines incl. component and instrument choice
Food & Biotech

Our projects within Food & Biotech

Industrial soup boiler incl. CIP system
Finished design of PI Diagram based on PFD, dimensioning of containers, pipes and cooking kettle, and also design of special CIP solutions for cleaning open containers and pipes
Commissioning Manager
Run-in responsible during the running-in of cheesery in Neumünster, Germany
Process engineer for the food industry
Services for a process design of a process plant in the food industry both at home and abroad, PI Diagram, database (inventory) quotation request, purchase, FAT with client, documentation, CE marking and CAD design
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