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Process Engineering has a team of qualified and certified work environment advisors who deal with building, construction and installation projects. If you need a work environment advisor, then let us help you.

A work environment advisor is a mandatory function and an important part of every project because the advisor ensures that the developer appoints one or more people to coordinate safety in the construction work where two or more employers are employed simultaneously.

The work environment advisor is the developer’s representative, and together they ensure that collaboration about planning, scope and coordination takes place in compliance with executive order no. 117 – Feb 5, 2013 for developers; thereby they minimise insurance orders, which can slow down the project. At the same time the advisor prepares a plan for health and safety in which more than 10 people are involved at the construction site.

Plan for Health an Safety shall include

A plan for health and safety must include and describe:

  • An organisation plan
  • A site diagram
  • A schedule
  • Designation of access routes and areas
  • Designation of areas where work will be performed by multiple employers and their employees
  • Designation of common safety measures provided in common areas
  • Demarcation of areas where the work can imply special risk
  • A procedure for regular inspection of installations, safety measures and any special risks etc.
  • Designation of a person who performs planned, regular inspections and coordination of emergency, evacuation and exercise plans
  • Specific measures concerning any particularly hazardous work

All conditions during the design and construction phase must be described. All phases in a project are dynamic and therefore the plan for health and safety must be updated regularly. Our work environment advisor makes sure that this happens.


We offer

We offer experienced work environment advisors for your project, and, with our many years of experience in construction and official approval, we are an unbiased partner. We manage your company’s role as a work environment advisor and work on the tasks that are to be carried out by the developer and the project supervisors, and we handle the preventive work and streamline the construction site’s safety work.

We also make sure that the work environment effort helps your company, the developer and the parties in the construction project. We are responsible for handling work environment issues through a holistic approach in terms of the developer and the company’s policies, goals and framework. Moreover, we take preventive measures to avoid work-related injuries and to increase health.

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