Process Engineering offers engineering and planning of your project. Our project managers, engineers and technicians ensure that your project is completed safely and within the limits of the financial framework. Our project managers have extensive experience in carrying out technical projects and inform you throughout the entire project with frequent reporting on the project’s progress.

We have modern equipment for calculating constructions. Our calculation tools are extremely flexible and provide opportunities for adapting loads, profiles and materials during the construction phase, if needed. We calculate and design constructions in accordance with the current Eurocodes DS/EN 1991 and DS/EN 1993, but we can adapt to other norms as a basis for our calculations.

We design machines and equipment for all kinds of industries. We have experience with everything from the development phase and productional documentation to maturing of machines and equipment for the current manufacturing methods. We use Autodesk Inventor, Robot Strucural Analysis, NASTRA In-CAD og Advanced Steel to prepare these drawings and lists:

  • Constructional drawings in 2D/3D
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Drawings for installation use and manual
  • Component lists/inventories
  • Calculation

Below you can read more about our calculation tools and what we can offer you.

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We make use of the two calculation methods FEA (Finit Element Analysis) and FEM (Finit Element Method) in every form of calculation of strength and thermal calculations.

We use FEA and FEM for structural modelling of custom-made pressurised parts for pipe systems and pressure vessels, and we also use these two calculation tools in the design phase for optimisation of components in product development.


Pressure vessel calculations

We document and calculate your pressurised process plant and pressure vessels in accordance with AT’s declaration about layout of pressurised equipment etc. and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). We use, for instance, PD 5500, ASME VIII, EN 13445, EN 13480 and AD 2000 Merkblätter in our work.

We manage the daily contact with the accrediting authorities, we are up to date with all new rules and directives, and we are also very experienced and able to complete the casework in a fast and therefore cost-efficient manner.

Stress-strain analysis

Many piping systems such as steam pipes, oil pipes and district heating pipes are exposed to significant variations in pressure and temperature, which causes stress in pipe bends and pump flanges. Process Engineering performs stress-strain analysis, calculations and also provides suggestions for relief and redesign in accordance with current standards.

We design and specify things based on presentations, existing isometric drawings and PI diagrams.


Pressure loss calculation

The result of combined capacity and pressure loss calculations is included in the dimensioning of pipes and components for the plant to meet the client’s requirements and the regulatory requirements.

Process Engineering uses SINETZ for calculating processes of flows, for technical analysis of operating situations and for documentation of pressure loss, operating point of pumps, pressure conditions in pipe systems and NPHS.

Calculation of safety relief system

Safety valves, rupture discs, vacuum valves, ventilation pipes and other safety layouts are used very much in industrial systems for securing pressure vessels, pipe systems and storage containers against potentially harmful pressure, positive pressure as well as negative pressure.

We prepare a calculation report about various scenarios for potentially harmful pressure in a plant, the plant’s maximum permitted pressure, requirements for calculations and execution of a safety relief system in accordance with standards.


Robot Structural Analysis

Robot Structural Analysis is a well-known calculation programme for dimensioning and demonstration of steel structures. By means of the programme we demonstrate constructions in common structural steel in relation to EN 1993 (also known as Eurocode 3).

Process Engineering uses Robot Structural Analysis to focus on better and more efficient design of constructions that meet functional needs, instead of focusing on time-demanding demonstrations and structural elements.

Already defined constructions can easily be drafted, and, if all conditions are known, calculations can be made relatively fast. At the same time the calculation programme gives an indication of which elements should be changed, and, if so, how they should be changed. This saves time so you avoid iterative processes or derivation of mathematical indications of necessary bearing capacity.

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