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Aker BioMarine AS has developed a new protein hydrolysate for human consumption. Aker BioMarine AS wanted to establish a pilot and product launch facility for further product refining and development to initiate a production in full scale.

Graasten Salater is expanding their production facilities, and Process Engineering delivers consulting services to the project regarding the process plant.

Installation of heat exchangers in pipe system at Avista Green to utilize the surplus energy to further improve the energy key figures.

Preparatin of an EC Declaration of a partly completed machinery according to EU 1935/2004 on a used bag filter to be installed in a food production.

CE marking of inspection platforms on Storebæltsbroen’s high and low bridges.

ATEX zone classification of Avista Green’s collection plant in Horsens and the plant they process the lubricating oil at in Kalundborg and prepare a zone classification report.

We have reviewed the plant to prepare PI Diagrams (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram) and produce tag lists.

Process Engineering provides consulting services to Comet Bio for its process plant. We collaborate across the project with the owner of the bioethanol plant and with authorities in connection with environmental approval.

Extra resource as planner and controller in the establishment of a new plant for production of milk powder and infant formular.

Process Engineering A/S worked as a sub contractor for all engineering services for purification and removal of CO2 as well as liquifaction for LBG.

Support the overall project management, make sure that all contracts were complied with and that process equipment met the current EU legislation and the customer’s standards.

Extra resource to draw the pipe systems in three exhaust systems for handling waste from production machines.

For a customer, who provides process solutions to the food industry. We designed a CIP facility with item list, PI Diagram and operating instructions.

Pilot project of the process plant for protein hydrolyzate as well as to assist with technical expert knowledge within design, construction and rebuilding of factories for production of food ingredients.

Development of a new process solution in mixing facility for ice cream and project management of the process plant during the expansion.

Handling of the technical part of the establishment of the CO2-termnial with preparation of pipe design, update of PID as well as design and calculation.

Review the existing documentation and CE mark the biomass plant at Asnæsværket i Kalundborg to comply with the current directives and standards.

Development of electrolysis plant for production of eMethanol, a so called electrofuel and CO2 neutral fuel for reducing the CO2 emission.

CE marking of new unloading facility in the port of Skagen.

Installation of extra equipment for the existing heat treatment system for further heat treatment of some of the distilled tar product.

Reconstruction of a new and larger refinery for Avista Oil at Kalundborg Habour, where the former refinery burned down in 2017.

Plant based on completely new pulverisation principles including several powder management and separation processes connected by approximately 40 conveyor belts.

Total revamp and production enhancement of old facility for production of organic solvent-based binding materials.

Preparation of common procedure as a manual for managing the CE marking directive, which later was to be implemented in the organisation.

Qualification (URS, IQ, OQ and PQ) of process and supply plant in a new facility at Syntese, who wished to increase their API handling.

Utilisation of waste heat from a tar destillation process to produce district heating.

Design of the district heating system focused on the environment, advanced design, equipment and a waste incineration facility

Expansion of the existing process plant in synthesis factory F2 with a new synthesis unit consisting of a reactor source, reactor and condenser.

CE marking of filtration plant i regards to the installation of extra filtration units for cleaning.

CE marking of drying cabinet system in regards to installation of extra drying cabinet system with drying cabinet, a vacuum pump, a refrigeration unit and control cabinet.

Conceptual Design of an upgrade of a talcum dosing plant in order to utilise the entire capacity and reduce talcum waste.

Extension of the existing process plant in synthesis factory F2 with a new type of mixing source.

Conceptual Design of upgrade of process water facility to ensure stable water quality.

Installation of new process plants, upgrade of existing process plant and commissioning in establishment of a new production facility.

Upgrade of Biofac’s existing system for acetone cleaning in connection with establishment of a new production facility.

Expansion of API handling and establishment of building containing the three final process steps in the production of Mesalazin bulk.

Noise and energy project where the waste heat is delivered to district heating.

Engineering and drawing assistance regarding design and documentation basis for a new test centre.

Design services for a test plant in an innovation centre with a process plant featuring advanced process technologies for development of the products’ functionality and durability.

Project management of investment project with extension and building of production and office spaces, process, CIP and supply plants

Phrasing of PI Diagram standard and subsequently as-build PI Diagram documentation on glycidol plant.

Upgrade and streamline of a mixing plant in an ice cream factory to meet the requirements for quality, flexibility and future capacity.

Design of product cooler for continuous cooling of the product based on capacity expansion

Pilot project of a long-life product with technical consulting of a process plant for integration of the existing plant and CIP.

Replacement of an existing NH3 refrigeration plant with a new, central glycol refrigeration system while the system was still supplying production with cooling.

Purchasing and commissioning a train of carriages for internal transport inside a factory area, where the goods and the packaging are not subjected to the weather

Installation of a safety barrier in a shipping warehouse featuring a layout that allows people to safely work in the warehouse while it is operating.

Installation of new local exhaust ventilation for two packing lines and a new and central vacuum cleaning system.

Update of PI diagrams on existing production lines at large process plant.

Complete engineering of a new steam boiler plant.

Preparation of the overall material and documentation required for an application for approval from the authorities of a new biogas plant.

Establishment of a new gas terminal for the distribution of gas with design and optimisation of the terminal and for preparing tender materials for all pipes and steel structures, platforms and stairs.

Project management of the refinery’s plant concerning re-establishment of a plant, maintenance and turnaround

Replacement of two 55 metres high calciners with construction of various special cranes and other lifting gear, and also CE marking of all of the lifting equipment.

CE marking of a production line for snacks, including cheese, nuts and dried fruit.

Expanding an existing process plant and a green field process plant.

Visiting and inspecting all of TINE Meierierne AS’ six factories, preparing a complete capacity analysis and devising a production diagram for each factory.

The project included reconstructing and making ready existing production facilities used for production of feed for ingredient production for food.

In cooperation with the customer, we have carried out this “green field project” and made it as a full commercial production factory.

Design of 5000t tank plus pipe systems for heavy fuel oil. The project was carried out in partnership with the construction consultant and the electricity consultant.

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