3D pipe design

Process Engineering creates pipe design where we design, calculate and document pipe systems within the industries energy & renewablesindustryfood & biotech and pharma.

Pipe systems are designed and specified in Autodesk Plant 3D so that all process units, instruments, valves, pumps and pipes are placed  according to the building and other constructions. With 3D pipe design the entire plant is planned and approved by the client before the components of the process plant are produced. This reduces the costs of redesign and reconstruction of the plant.

We design piping systems for utility, sanitary installations and piping in clean areas and we develop pipe design on the basis of PI diagrams.

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Design as well as specification is carried out in accordance with your requirements and guidelines. The design can be executed in accordance with international standards, for instance EN 13480 or ASME B31.3. We have experience within all forms of pipe work within chemical industries and sanitary facilities for food and pharmaceutical industries.

As a natural part of our process we calculate the pressure drop and the pipe dimensions and we select the type of and specify pumps, valves and other units in accordance with your requirements.

We make use of several drawing programmes to design, calculate and document pipe systems. Our drawing programs are Autodesk Plant 3D, AutoCAD, 2D & 3D, Inventor, ME10, AutoPlant and PDMS.

3D rørdesign

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