Social activities

At Process Engineering we focus on creating the best working environment. In particular, we are a very social workplace with a number of events each year both in the individual departments and nationally.

Each year we meet for a summer trip somewhere in the country, where every employee’s family is invited, and for Christmas we throw a Christmas party, where our partners also are invited. Below you can read about some of our social activities both in our different departments and across the entire organisation of Process Engineering A/S.

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Krolf and hot dogs ad libitum

In the autumn of 2022, it was again time for an acitivity in the department in Fredericia. This time the colleagues challenged themselves with krolf. There were plenty of challenges with tall grass, bushes and trees, hills and a small creek running around the krolf course, but that didn’t prevent the atmosphere from being at its best and the competition to rise. At the end of the tournament, there were hot dogs ad libitum from a hot dog stand.

Sociale aktiviteter
Sociale aktiviteter

Museum visit and beer tasting in Sorø

After a department meeting in our department in Sorø in June 2022, the colleagues went to Sorø Museum to see the exhibition “Back to the roots”. They tell that they got out of their comfort zones because the exhibition focused on man’s relation to nature – something they as engineers and technicians don’t deal with on a daily basis. They ended the day with beer tasting, where they could select between more than 100 different Danish and foreign speciality beers.

Sun, summer and social activity - finially it was time for PE summer party

Each year at the beginning of the summer, it is the tradition in Process Engineering to meet across all departments for an annual summer party. Due to corona, it had not been held since 2019, but it was changed, and all colleagues across the departments in Denmark and their families were invited to a day at Andkær Vig, near Vejle. There were activities for all with the opportunity to try bow and arrow, compound bow, bake twisted bread, sailing and to hold an owl.

Sociale aktiviteter
Sociale aktiviteter

Walk, talk & pork​

After a working day in June, several colleagues tied their hiking boots and set off on a 5 km long walk from the headquaters in Fredericia to Middelfart. The destination was an ice cream shop in Karolineskoven in Middelfart, where hotdog and ice creams were eaten.

Darts tournament in the department in Fredericia

Over time, bowling has been the preferred activity in connection with events in Process Engineering. But as a new activity, the department i Fredericia tried darts. It turned out to be just as fun, and after a competitive tournament the colleagues met at the local street food.

Sociale aktiviteter
Sociale aktiviteter

Finally time for Christmas party in 2021

One of Process Engineering’s special traditions is the annual Christmas party, and after two years since the last, it was finally time for it again.

Again, we all could meet and celebrate the party of the year. Delicious food, fun entertainment and great music formed this year’s Christmas party.

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