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What is it like to work as a consulting engineer with Process Engineering? What kind of tasks will you be carrying out, what are the opportunitites for personal development and how does collaboration between your colleagues work? Read this page and meet some of the employees in the videos who tell you about their work and why Process Engineering is one of Denmark’s best workplaces.

Meet an employee in the videos below

And have a look at our various videos from our five offices to see what it is like to work as a consulting engineer in the processing industry.

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What is it like to work with Process Engineering?

Listen to four of our employees explaining about their jobs, and how it is like to work as a consulting engineer.

Site Manager

What is it like to work as a site manager with Process Engineering and what kind of tasks do you perform? Meet our colleague Pernille Lykke Toxværd, who is a site manager and, among other things, coordinates the work with the suppliers and contractors at the construction site in relation to one of our projects. Watch the video and listen to Pernille explain about her job.

Listen to our colleagues telling about what it is like to work from one of our five offices

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