Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers play a crucial role in the design of a process plant, contributing their expertise to ensuring functionality, efficiency, and safety in complex systems.

In Process Engineering, our mechanical engineers tackle tasks ranging from equipment selection and specification, pipe design and layout, heat and mass transfer calculations, equipment and system integration, safety and regulatory compliance, cost estimation and optimization, to design documentation.

Mechanical Engineer's tasks

Equipment Selection and Specification
Our mechanical engineers identify the necessary equipment for the process plant, such as pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, reactors, and storage tanks.

Pipe Design and Layout
The mechanical engineer designs the piping systems that transport liquids and gases through the process plant. This involves determining pipe dimensions, routes, supports, and connections to ensure correct flow rates, pressure levels, and material compatibility.

Heat and Mass Transfer Calculations
Mechanical engineers perform calculations to size heat exchangers, reactors, and other equipment involved in heat transfer processes.


Equipment and System Integration
Our mechanical engineers coordinate the integration of various mechanical components and systems within the process plant. They ensure smooth interaction between equipment, pipelines, instrumentation, and control systems to achieve overall process goals and operational reliability.

Regulatory Compliance
We ensure that the design of the process plant complies with safety standards and regulations. We identify potential hazards, assess risks, and implement safety measures.

Cost Estimation and Optimization
We evaluate the cost implications of different design options and propose solutions that balance performance requirements with budget constraints. We optimize equipment sizing, material selection, and construction methods to achieve a cost-effective plant design.

Design Documentation
Our mechanical engineers prepare detailed drawings, specifications, and technical documents, ensuring that the design documentation adheres to standards.

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