Process design

Process design includes all the elements of a process plant. This is one of Process Engineering’s most important work areas and we perform process design within the four industries energy & renewables, industry, food & biotech and pharma.

Process design often takes place in partnership with you because you possess the experience of the process and of which special considerations we must be aware of in a particular process. Our engineers and technicians produce the required documentation to ensure that the design of your process meets your requirements and expectations.

Below you can read about some of the elements that are typically included in the process design.

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Process simulation

Process simulation is one of the most important tools for our engineers. It makes it possible to simulate how a process proceeds through a plant in a way where material composition, temperature, pressure as well as flow are mapped. In this way the basis for the plant design is established in an overall documentation package which can be used as the basis for detailed layout of devices and components in the plant.

Our highly trained chemical engineers often use several internationally acknowledged process simulation programmes, and often they are capable of preparing the first assessments of the investment for a new process plant at a Conceptual Design level.


Process Flow Diagrams

One of the starting points for engineering of a process plant is a process flow diagram (PFD) that includes all the fundamental conditions of the processes to be carried out at the plant.

By means of PFD we map all the mass and energy flows and determine pressure and temperature for each of these flows. The mass flow is described with a percentage distribution on various components and in a statement of the mass flow, which can be outlined in kg/h or Nm3/h.

We use the PFD rigorously in the project process, so the design basis of equipment and components is always well-defined. In this way – and also in the case of changes during the project – we ensure a permanent overview of the consequences of these changes.

Process description

The process flow diagram provides a great overview of the processes that flow in a process plant, and in some cases it can also stand alone in the dialogue between people with experience of process simulation. But when other people in the project team are to program the operating system, it is necessary to make a process description of how the individual process steps should be performed.

We prepare systematic process descriptions, which makes it possible for other people than process people to quickly familiarise themselves with the situation, and we ensure a well-defined process description for use in relation to official approval.

P&I Diagram

PI Diagram

A PI diagram (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram) is a detailed pipe and component diagram. It is used in the process industry to create a transparent and systematic overview of the process equipment and its context.

3D pipe design

Design of pipe systems is not always straightforward. For instance, steam, cooling facilities, extensive systems and sanitary installations with piping in sterile areas are examples of complex installations.

Process Engineering designs and specifies pipe work for all purposes within the process industry based on idea presentations or existing PI diagrams.


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