Together with our clients we decide on the type of partnership and agreement that ensures a successful project execution.

We offer consultancy services, projects, small calculations and drafting assignments in which we either become a part of your organisation for a period of time or carry out assignments from our own facilities. At the same time we offer different types of agreements: billing by the hour, capped billing by the hour, fixed price and long-term relations.

Our consulting services are flexible and customised to you. We help you when you need extra resources or particular competences for a period of time.

Our consulting services include our employees’ strong competences and we work as project managers, project assistants and site managers. In addition, we provide drafting resources and planning and technical procurement. Read about our consulting services below and contact us for more information.

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Project manager

Our project managers ensure that your project proceeds as planned and that you are updated on the status of your project. They have the required tools ready and have previously worked as project engineers, which means that they have experience of good project management.

We work with our clients’ project models or use our own phased project model. We adjust both the project model and the phases to individual projects depending on the scope and complexity of the project.


Project engineer machine/chemistry/ electricity/process

Our project engineers work as consultants in your organisation either as extra resources in busy periods or if you need a specific competence. Our project engineers perform calculation tasks, CAD tasks, preparation of tender material, design of construction, and all tasks are carried out within process facilities, machine construction, the chemical industry or electricity projects.

Mechanical Engineer

Our mechanical engineers tackle tasks ranging from equipment selection and specification, pipe design and layout, heat and mass transfer calculations, equipment and system integration, safety and regulatory compliance, cost estimation and optimization, to design documentation.


Process Engineer

Our process engineers handle tasks ranging from process simulation and modeling, PFD (Process Flow Diagram) & P&ID (Process and Instrumentation Diagram), equipment sizing, material and energy balances, process safety and risk assessment, compliance with regulations and standards, as well as commissioning.

Project assistant

Our project assistants play an important role in the preparation, retrieval and management of documentation; this applies to technical as well as commercial aspects. They are technically educated and carry out projects that take deep technical insight. Among other things, our project assistants work in your ERP system or other databases to ensure that the required registration of data is done.


2D/3D drafting resources

Our technical designers manage complex design and drafting projects within all process and construction areas.

The projects vary from a few days’ assistance to longer-term assistance in execution of large projects. The work takes place either from our offices or from yours. Our internal CAD tools are from Autodesk (AutoCAD, Inventor and Plant 3D), but we also manage projects in your CAD tools such as SolidWorks, PDMS and others.


Our technicians possess great knowledge of most of the process-technical disciplines, which enables them to assist you in detailed planning. We ensure that there is a visible structure and an overview of all activities and solve planning activities by using Microsoft Project.


Project controller

We have experienced senior engineers who can ensure that there is financial and commercial follow-up on your projects. Our engineers have a strong technical mindset and knowledge of contracts and contractual legislation combined with a good grasp of finances.

Site Manager/Commissioning Manager

Our site managers and commissioning managers are often senior engineers with many years of experience from the industry that your project concerns. We carry out projects nationally and internationally and make sure that your project is completed.

Our site managers work closely with the work environment advisor to ensure that the work is carried out properly.


Work environment advisor

We have a team of qualified and certified work environment advisors who deal with building, construction and installation projects.

We manage your company’s role as a work environment advisor and work on the tasks that are to be solved by the developer and the project supervisors, and we handle the preventive work and streamline the construction site’s safety work.

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