Project process

Process Engineering ensures the quality of your projects through our project process and quality assurance system, which is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas.

We offer our services through a project’s life cycle or as a consultancy service. With us as your cross-functional engineering partner your project is in focus. We handle your entire project, including reporting to e.g. the steering group and participating in a project team with reference to your project manager or as consultants under your management.

Our project process is based on the following phases: a feasibility study, conceptual and basic design, detailed design plus installation, commissioning and handover, where we offer to manage your project from start to finish.

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Feasibility study

Our feasibility study involves mass balances & waste water, a productional diagram, factory design including material and personnel flow, zone classification, technology choice, technical due diligence, a draft proposal on process plants and process lines, consumption figures, utility and a CapEx estimate.


Conceptual & basic design

In the conceptual & basic design phase we prepare the project description, the mass balances & waste water and a productional diagram, the building layout with zone classifications, a draft of a machine plan, technology choice, a process flow diagram of process plants and process lines, consumption figures, a benchmark schedule and a CapEx estimate of +/- 10-20%.

Detailed design

In terms of detailed design we handle clarification of the product composition, design criteria and technical design specifications (positive list). We determine standards, procedures and guidelines for the process plant design and we prepare a process and instrument diagram, inventories, a 3D model of the process plant, requirement specification (URS), document requirement (incl. CE marking), risk analysis (such as HAZOP), ATEX zone classification, process description and contracting/tender evaulation (technical, economical and score card). And we ensure supplier clarification and coordination, FAT preparation and holding, CapEx management and reporting as well as OpEx consumption figures.



We handle site management of the installation and construction and supervision of the mechanical and electrical installation. And we take care of safety coordination, QA supervision, running-in management and commissioning of process plants and process lines.

Commissioning & handover

Commissioning & handover is the last phase in our project model in which we, among others, provide the documentation for the plant, including CE marking and documentation of agreed Key Performance Indicators for the process plant and process lines. Finally, we handle the closure of the project and exchange experiences with the project’s stakeholders.


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