Project management

Process Engineering has certified project managers, who, on the basis of their theoretical and practical project experience, can complete your project while focusing on deliveries, time schedules and costs.

Successful completion of a project depends very much on the competences of the entire project team – especially the project manager. Project management is an independent discipline on the same level as engineering, and we acknowledge that a project manager not only has technical insight, but also commercial, contractual and organisational understanding of things. In partnership with you and based on the specific project, we select the best possible project team for you based on the actual time schedule and on the investment that you are prepared to make.

We assist you in all project phases from the early project start to final commissioning, including project management, project execution, planning and financial management. Below you can read more about our competences within project management and what we can offer you.

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Project management

Our project managers know the ‘nature’ of the project work and focus on the fact that a project has a specific start and end date. During the project the project manager reports to the steering group. We agree on the reporting level from the beginning of the project, but, typically, reporting happens monthly and includes a status on progress, finances, time consumption, purchasing and possible obstacles.

Our project managers ensure that the project stays on track and that the required initiatives are implemented all the way through.


Project execution

We prepare a project execution plan in which we describe the project in detail. The document is the project manager’s guideline for how the project should be carried out. In the plan we describe all the elements of the project such as priorities, time schedules, participants and safety.

The project execution plan adapts to the changes that may occur in the project. In this way it is a dynamic tool, we always share it with you, and it must also be approved by you.


Together with the project team our project managers identify and describe the activities required to perform the tasks in the project. We estimate the time needed for completing all tasks by gathering the relevant parties in the project and listening to their ideas about the order and about the activities. We collect the information in the schedule tool that we have decided on together for you to be provided with an overview of the scope, time and finances of the tasks to be performed.

A well-prepared time schedule contributes to efficient project execution by:

  • keeping track of activities and progress
  • keeping track of milestones
  • ensuring optimum allocation of resources
  • deciding on how activities should be performed (the shortest possible time to complete a project or a phase)
  • potentially minimising the time it takes to carry out a project (time is money)

Financial management

The project sponsor supports the project manager’s role in the matrix organisation by giving the project manager the cross functional authority for budgeting and managing the project finance (CapEx.).

Our project managers estimate (+/-10 to 20%) the budget for the project finances in relation to all project phases according to the agreed categorisation and level of detail. We control financial management during the execution of the project in accordance with the following principles: approved budget, committed budget, costs to complete and estimated costs when a project is completed.

The project sponsor and our project managers agree on the intervals between reporting of the project’s finance, which includes:

  • Budget update relating to additional order
  • Financial summary per categorisation
  • Causal explanation about deviation
  • Corrective actions regarding deviations
  • Payment summary for cash flow budget

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