The UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Process Engineering is very conscious of having a shared responsibility for the world we live in. For this reason, it is natural for us to work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through internal initiatives and participation in green projects such as conversion of waste into biogas, recycling of resources and development of fuels for the future transport sector.

Therefore, we focus on the three goals 7, 9 and 12 in which focus is on reducing the CO2 imprint, ensuring increase in renewable energy, sustainable industry and responsible consumption and production.

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Three questions regarding Process Engineering's work with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

How does Process Engineering work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

Get the answer in the video, where CEO Poul B. Jakobsen answers three questions about Process Engineering’s work with the goals.

Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy

We must ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. We need to stop using coal and oil and instead use more energy from the sun, wind and water.

Process Engineering focus on helping to reduce our CO2 imprint and ensure an increase in renewable energy. Especially, we focus on the targets 7.2 “Increase global percentage of renewable energy” and 7.A “Promote access to research, technology and investment in clean energy”. We participate in projects that develop energy sources for renewable energy, create energy efficiency through sustainable resources, and we are a part of the two networks “Triangle Energy Alliance”, which focus on making the area around Fredericia the production center for green fuels, and “Energy Cluster”, which focus on development and demonstration of innovative and global energy solutions.

We have participated in a project focusing on the utilization of surplus heat at CP Kelco, where the surplus heat from cooling towers can supply 25% of the heat demand in Køge. In addition, we have participated in the EUDP-supported project “Power2Met” where we have developed an electrolysis plant to produce eMethanol from renewable energy sources to reduce CO2 emissions.


Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We must find new methods to work more sustainable and use resources more efficiently. We must foster innovation and encourage more people to work in research and development

Sustainable development is important in Process Engineering’s work with the green transition and in promoting sustainable industry and investing in scientific research and innovation. In the future our resources are minimized. Therefore, we participate in projects that focus on developing proteins from other sources than meat and developing the processes to recycle the residual products. Especially, we focus on the target 9.5 “Enhance research and upgrade industrial technologies” because innovation is one of the drivers of economic growth and development.

We have participated in a project at the Norwegian company Aker BioMarine, which processes omega-3 oil from krill to develop and refine a novel food krill protein hydrolyzate powder product out of the residual production from this omega-3 production. In addition, we have participated in a project regarding a pilot plant with advanced process technologies for the development of product functionality and durability.


Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

We must ensure sustainable consumption and production to create a sustainable future. The world’s use of resources is huge, and a lot of the use is completely unnecessary. It allows the production to destroy the environment both locally and globally. Therefore, we must change our way to produce harmful chemicals and waste products are handled in an environmentally sound manner.

Process Engineering wants to help reduce the imprint on nature and create responsible consumption and production. Especially, we focus on the targets 12.2 “Sustainable management and use of natural resources” and 12.4 “Responsible management of chemicals and waste”. We participate in projects, which develop our way of disposing waste and toxins and at the same time encourage the recycling and reuse of our resources.

We have participated in a project at Avista Oil with the reconstruction of a refinery for recycling used lubricating oil, the EUDP-supported project “Power2Met”, which produces eMethanol for green power from renewable natural resources, and a project regarding the conversion of plastic to oil.


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