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We must participate in educating people

Process Engineering is very conscious of having a shared responsibility for the world we live in. This is why it is important for us to make every effort we can to make a difference. Especially, we focus on participating in educating people.

For 10 years, we have focused on participating in educating people and have encouraged everyone regardless of age and gender to apply for a job at us. This we have done by employing students from the Technical Design Course, provide internships for engineering students and students from 8th and 9th grade, participate in various job fairs and employ student workers during their studies.

“In Process Engineering, we believe we have a social responsibility to contribute to ensure that as many people as possible help the Danish labour market to grow. We focus on supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 “Quality education” and 5 “Gender equality” because we believe all must have the opportunity to get a good educuation regardless of gender. We do this by employing students and trainees and participate in their education. Not only training them professionally but also personally. Students and trainees are assigned a mentor, who contributes to the time with us being a good and professional experience. This is not just a benefit for the employees. It also gives Process Engineering some values in terms of contributing to future labour, and at the same time it motivates the organisation to teach others. We believe that everybody has something unique and valuable to contribute,” says Dorte Mohr Carstensen, HR responsible in Process Engineering.

From theory to practice in Process Engineering

Several of the students and trainees, who have worked with us, we have been in contact with in the years after. Several times we have been lucky to offer employment after they have completed their training. Other times we have continued our collaboration at our customers. In general we experience great demand for our students – and that we are very pleased of.

One of the students, who have most recently been employed at us, is Khatera Ashrafi. For the last couple of years she has been a trainee in our department in Sorø as a part of her education as Technical Designer.

“I have really enjoyed being employed with Processs Engineering. I have learnt so much more than I ever imagined when I started the education. It gives so much more to work with real projects. To see your work turn into a real facility is really cool. For me the internship has been more than I expected. Process Engineering focus a lot on the trainee’s education, and I do not think they do that everywhere. Everything is taken into account. Both how the first day should be, and how to best get into the work routines, and there is also a great focus on you as a human being. As a trainee, I have felt proud to work here. Especially when I look at all the great projects the company has performed, I feel proud to be a part of it,” says Khatera.

Back in December Khatera passed her exam, and luckily for us she works with us for a little longer.

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