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Legally required and effective process ventilation must be established for all processes that generate dust, gases or similar things. It can consist of a centrally located ventilation plant or small systems placed near the individual processes. This applies to production, where process ventilation and/or room ventilation/a ventilation plant is required, as well as to the administrative section, where comfort ventilation is needed.

In most cases, effective room ventilation also needs to be established. This type of ventilation system involves exhaustion of residual contamination stemming from various processes, as well as injection of fresh air from the outside. In order to achieve better operation economy it is an advantage to use a ventilation aggregate in which a heat exchanger has been mounted. The heat exchanger heats up the incoming air during cold periods. However, this may be prohibited due to the risk of cross-contamination.

Overall, a balance must be maintained between the total amount of outgoing and incoming air.

The establishment of comfort ventilation is recommended for administrative areas (offices and similar spaces, consisting of suction and injection of fresh air. As it is a requirement that the incoming air can be heated up, a complete aggregate of ventilators, filters, surface heating/ a heat exchanger and, if applicable, a cooling surface is used.

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We can be of assistance in: choice of concept and supplier, system specification, dimensioning the system according to current legislation, drafting the system and system documentation. Finally, we can be of assistance with the operation and the maintenance manual.


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