Official approval

As a company you must comply with current legislation and ensure that production plants are CE marked and that an assessment has been made about ATEX zones.

Before machinery can commence operation, certain machines and facilities must obtain CE marking. CE marking a facility can be a complex exercise and includes new as well as old production equipment, which is subject to different directives depending on age. The end user is responsible for complying with the directives to do with CE approval.

Below you can read more about our services in official approval with CE marking, ATEX, which is equipment placed in explosive atmospheres, and fire safety.

CE marking

CE marking is a key indicator of whether a product complies with EU legislation and facilitates the free movement of goods on the European market.

We can provide insight into how you can plan you project in a strategic way with a view to minimising time consumption and simplifying documentation.



ATEX is the set of rules that apply to equipment used in explosive atmospheres and to workers who are potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres.

We offer certification and CE marking of equipment in accordance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. Thus we handle communication with notified bodies and other authorities.

Fire safety

Fire safety related to a project is described in a fire strategy and is typically achieved through a combination of passive protection (optimum plant layout, choice of material, fire walls, etc.), fire-fighting equipment and fire-technical installations.

We offer to prepare a fire strategy in accordance with the building regulations and relevant executive orders for the project, and we also manage contact to relevant authorities.


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