Pressure loss calculation

We use the programme SINETZ for pressure loss calculations and simulations of operating situations in pipe systems. Among other things, we use pressure loss calculation in relation to capacity, technical functions and safety.

Pressure loss calculation includes all types of facilities to do with transport of fluids and gases such as district heating systems, ventilation systems, flue gas systems, sprinkler systems, oil transportation pipelines, steam lines, condensate lines, refrigeration systems, heat pump systems and pipes to and from safety valves. For a facility to fully meet the client’s and perhaps also the official requirements, the results of combined capacity and pressure loss calculations are included in the dimensioning of pipes and components.

We use SINETZ for calculating processes of flows, technical analyses of operating situations and for documentation of pressure loss, operating points of pumps, pressure conditions in pipe systems and NPHS (Net Positive Suction Head).

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We offer

We offer to carry out the required pressure loss calculation and ensure that decisions about a specific construction of a plant are made on a sound basis.

Our report provides you with an overview of the physical conditions in the process through a graphic results presentation with mass flows in pipes and pressure, temperature and density at the centre.


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