Process Engineering uses FEA and FEM, which are considered to be the same. We make use of these within any form of calculation of strength and thermal calculations.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is used to simulate physical phenomena, which can throw light on everything from how a car deforms when it crashes to how an oven is heated up when you bake a cake. The calculation method to achieve this is called FEM (Finite Element Method). FEM is a numeric calculation method that gives a result that is very close to real life.

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Process Engineering uses FEA and FEM for structural modelling either of custom-made pressurised parts for pipe systems and pressure vessels or as tools in the design phase for optimisation of components in product development. It can be extremely economical to model a construction part before manufacturing is initiated because it reduces the number of physical prototypes and experiments.

We offer FEA and FEM in every form of calculation of strength and thermal calculations. We can also provide a combination of the two.

In our calculation models we take non-linear material properties and any need of stationary and/or time dependent-conditions into account.


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