Calculation of safety relief system

An improper design of a safety relief system can cause injuries and accidents. On the other hand, a good design contributes to achieving an approved safety level.

Safety valves, rupture discs, vacuum valves, ventilation pipes and other safety layouts are used very much in industrial systems for securing pressure vessels, pipe systems and storage containers against potentially harmful pressure, positive pressure as well as negative pressure. The results from HAZOP and other analyses provide essential knowledge of the worst imaginable scenario and the minimum required capacity with which a safety relief system must comply.

Compliance with the requirements in the relevant standards is essential to ensure proper capacity and safe operation of a safety relief system. Our systematic analysis of imaginable scenarios, calculations and design of a safety relief system includes all types of process facilities with transportation and storage of fluids and gases.

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Process Engineering prepares a calculation report about various scenarios for potentially harmful pressure in a plant, the plant’s maximum permitted pressure, requirements for calculations and execution of a safety relief system in accordance with standards.

The documentation of an existing or new safety relief system includes requirements for capacity and acceptance criteria in standards such as ISO 4126 series and EN 13136. This includes requirements for a maximum pressure loss in pipes before and after a safety valve.

A calculation report from us can be a part of a Technical File as documentation that standardised requirements for a safety relief system have been complied with.


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