Refrigeration systems

We have years of experience of designing and engineering refrigeration and heat pump systems. We carry out calculation of pressure vessels in accordance with PED and ASME as well as CE-marking of refrigeration facilities. If combustible coolants are used, we can carry out an ATEX classification of a plant.

We carry out refrigeration projects with a focus on energy consumption, environmentally sustainable coolants and opportunities for recovering excess heat. Refrigeration systems can often be fully or partly combined with a reverse cycle heating system for production of hot cleaning water or other kinds of process heating. In practice many refrigeration system components can be assessed as pressure vessels.

We provide advice on analysis and calculation of your refrigeration requirements, specification and engineering of refrigeration systems, preparation of tender documents, and supervision during system construction as well as commissioning and functional validation.

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We offer

We perform a number of refrigeration-technical calculations as the basis of the design when planning your refrigeration system. We do a simulation of the refrigeration process by means of different coolants to see which is the most effective and if further energy savings can be found.

We calculate the refrigeration circuit components, including evaporation (air or liquid), the condenser (air or liquid) and the compressor (piston/screw/scroll). We also do a simulation of the freezing and cooling products in order to establish what are the refrigeration requirements, and we look at opportunities for heat recovery, e.g. for production of hot water.


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