Utilisation of waste heat to district heating in Køge


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Project description

Noise reduction was the primary purpose; however, after ideas had been developed, this turned into a noise and energy project. Instead of reducing noise from the existing refrigeration towers, a project was prepared in which waste heat is channelled to district heating. The waste heat from CP Kelco is typically 5 MW and can supply about 2,200 homes with district heating, corresponding to 25 % of Køge’s demand for heat.

The process

Viegand & Maagø and Process Engineering worked in partnership on the solution. Viegand & Maagø acted as energy consultants and Process Engineering was responsible for design and project management.

The waste heat comes from condensation of isopropanol and is supplied to the district heating network through heat exchangers and heat pumps. The two plate condensers, each weighing 9 tonnes and supplied by Alfa Laval, heat up a closed water circuit from 60 °C to 75 °C. This water circuit exchanges heat directly with district heating and raises the temperature to 71 °C in a plate heat exchanger. Subsequently, and depending on need, the temperature can be raised to 80-85 °C in two heat exchangers that were supplied by Svedan (mayekawa). Because of the high temperature in the waste heat the heat exchangers have a COP of 10, and the entire project has a COP of 30.

Overskudsvarme udnyttelse til fjernvarme i Køge by

Service and scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project include:

  • Project management and supervision
  • Basic and detailed design
  • PI diagram and 3D design
  • Tender material
  • Installation and supervision

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