Project management and Site & Commissioning of extension of a dairy at Klepp Stasjon in Norway


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Project phases

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Project description

Q-Meierierne at Klepp Stasjon in Norway invests NOK 700 millions in a new dairy plant to be more innovative. The project, named “Project Spit – Extension of Q-Meieriet Jæren”, is Q-Meieriets newest and largest project. It involvs an expansion and construction of production and office spaces, a process plant including filling and packaging machines, a CIP plant for production of fresh milk (ESL) and sour products and a supply plant for refrigeration and heat recovery. The project included moving the existing dairy plant’s control system to a new platform. The finished plant is to be both climate-neutral, fossil-free and emission-free.

Process Engineering’s role in the project is to ensure the project management of the extensive expansion until the start of the production in the extened dairy plant, and also the Site and Commissioning Management on site.

The process

The project is an ongoing project, in which Process Engineering is responsible for the project’s project, site and commissioning management. The project manager’s focus is on the scope of suppliers, the time schedule and the project economy and on making sure that there is no risk to the environment or to health and safety. The site & commissioning manager is responsible for  the installation work and start-up of the equipment.

The project is carried out from the site at Klepp Stasjon in Norway in close collaboration with other suppliers. In this, the project covers:

  • Building with integration of the existing factory
  • Supply such as water, ice water and hot water placed in the basement
  • Electrical supply with new transformers
  • Process from processing raw milk to finished product
  • Refrigeration of high storage

Because the area at the current dairy plant is not large enough for a new building and an extension, they have chosen to build in height. This has resulted in a six floors dairy.

CIP room
Basement for utility
Process room at third floor

Service and scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project include:

  • Reporting to the steering group
  • Project management
  • Coordination
  • Site & Commissioning Management
  • Work environment