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Project description

Process Engineering is often engineering partners in the preparation of CE marking of plants. As a company you must comply with current legislation and ensure that production plants are CE marked, and if you have equipment that must be incorporated in the plant, an EC Declaration of a partly completed machinery must be prepared. This collects all the documents for the equipment and is proof that the equipment is safe according to current regulation.

An example of a project where we have prepared an EC Declaration of a partly completed machinery, is at a customer in the food industry, who had purchased a used bag filter, which was to be installed in their process area. In this connection, the equipment had to be approved according to the current standard for use in food production. Therefore, we prepared an EC Declaration of a partly completed machinery according to EU 1935/2004 on the used process equipment.

The process

The project was carried out as a sub-project, which was reviewed with the customer on site.

We examined the drawing material provided from the customer to identify the components and examine the current components that the customer has in his warehouse. From there, we prepared a declaration according to 1935/2004, which deals with the use of construction materials that can be approved as contact material for food. As background material, inspections were carried out on the specific equipment and EU declaration of conformity and food approval on associated equipments were obtained.

Service and scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project include:

  • EC Declaration of partly completed machinery