Preparation for replacement of control system in four decentralized heating plants


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Project description

The heat supply in Slagelse is based on the burning of straw, and in the event of breakdown, peak load and during the winter period, four decentralized oil and gas-fired plants serve as backup for the heat supply. SK Forsyning wanted to replace the control system’s older PLC-system (Programmable Logic Controller),
because the four decentralized plants was oil and gas fired and to optimize the environment and meet today’s requirements.

Process Engineering’s role in the project was to review the plant to prepare PI Diagrams (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram) and produce tag lists.

The process

SK Forsyning wanted PI Diagrams of the four decentralized heating plants based on their existing flow diagrams. Two of our employees drew PI Diagrams for each of the heating plants to clarify how many valves and instruments there were and their location. All pipe connections, valves and instruments were drawn into the diagrams with the right sizes and received a tag number, which was transferred to a tag list.

Then we performed a risk assessment according to the Machinery Directive of all four plants in collaboration with the customer and to clarify possible risks such as; What will happen if you change the automation and install a PLC control system? What is the risk?

The project resulted in 28 PI Diagrams and both PI Diagrams and the tag lists are used as basis for the new PLC-control system.

P&I Diagram

Service and the scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project include:

  • Drawing of PI Diagram
  • Tag lists
  • Risk assessment

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