Pilot project of UHT plant


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Project phases

Feasibility study
Conceptual design
Basic design
Detailed design
Commissioning & handover
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Michael Hastrup Andersen
Director, Food & Biotech Section
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Project description

The process technology consists of a UHT plant (Ultra High Temperature) incl. aseptic tanks and a bag-in-box filling machine.

Today the client manufactures the product as a fresh product. However, the client wished the pilot project to involve a long-life product. The process plant is to be integrated with the existing process plant and CIP.

The process

Through the project we acted as technical consultants and analysed the client’s requirements and design data basis, and, on the basis of these, we recommended the best technology for the process plant. All specifications were gathered in a single tender material, including building footprint, standards and guidelines for the tender. In addition, we prepared a draft for the machine plan and estimated the process plant’s consumption figures.

Concurrently, the tender evaluation, including scorecard, and relating to all tenderers, was gathered in one document and reported to the client. Moreover, the client was given a CapEx with an uncertainty level of +/-20%.

Forprojekt af UHT-anlæg

Service and scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project cover:

  • Process flow diagram
  • Mass balance (total kilos)
  • Clarification of design criteria
  • Technology recommendations
  • Coordination of automation solutions (control system)
  • Tender material
  • Tender evaluation
  • Building footprint
  • Machine plan
  • The process plant’s consumption figures
  • Installation design and specification in the process integration
  • Process plant CapEx +/-20%

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