Facility for production of binding agents


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Specialist competencies
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Project phases

Feasibility study
Conceptual design
Basic design
Detailed design
Commissioning & handover
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Project description

Total revamp and production enhancement of old facility for production of organic solvent-based binding materials.

Much of the demolition of outdated production equipment and the reconstruction of a new production section needed to take place while the facility continued operating in order to supply the market. This required strict coordination between Process Engineering’s project managers and the client’s production manager and safety organisation.

An essential part of the project was the improvement of the facility’s safety level through introduction of a separate system for separation of fluids and gas emission from safety valves and rupture discs, as well as implementation of inertisation of all solvent tanks where relevant.

The process

Process Engineering’s project manager and specialists worked closely with the client’s production manager, engineering coordinator and safety organisation for 18 months from a project office set up at the client’s premises.

While the project was implemented, we adjusted our project organisation to include two to seven people depending on the need for various competences.

Anlæg til produktion af bindemidler

Service and scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project include:

  • Classification of potential contamination sources
  • Preparation of instructions for handling of contamination sources
  • Preparation of tender material for demolition of outdated equipment, supply of components and pipe contracts
  • Execution of bidding rounds
  • Recommendations for choice of suppliers
  • Site supervision of installation work
  • Basic engineering concerning parts of the facility
  • Detailed engineering concerning the entire facility
  • PI diagrams
  • 3D model in Plant 3D
  • Preparation of technical specifications of new equipment

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