Drawing of pipe systems in plants for handling waste from production machines


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Project phases

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Peter Lindblom
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Project description

Lundberg Tech A/S is supplier of units and systems for handling waste from production machines for among others the label industry. They develop and produce a range of granulators/cutters, All-In-One units and central systems for plants to handle waste, which are drawn and delivered to their customers. The labels are punched out and the waste material is extracted in pipe systems, granulated and transported to a pick up unit.

Lundberg Tech A/S needed extra resources to draw the pipe systems in three exhaust systems for handling waste from production machines.

The process

On the basis of the customer’s wishes for placement of the exhaust pipes, counting of the equipment package and measuring of the factory layout, we drew the pipe systems in Inventor, which included drawing of the complete pipe layout with pipe bends and T pieces, and also ensure the right amount of air in the exhaust system.

A machine technician from Process Engineering A/S was hired by Lundberg Tech A/S as extra resource to help with three projects. The project was completed from Lundberg Tech A/S’ office and lasted two months.

Lundberg Tech

Service and scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project include:

  • Design of the pipe layout
  • Calculation of pipe dimensions

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