Conceptual Design of upgrade of process water facility


Steering group
Project management
Project/design engineer
Specialist competencies
Drawing resources

Project phases

Feasibility study
Conceptual design
Basic design
Detailed design
Commissioning & handover

Project description

Conceptual Design of upgrade of process water facility to ensure stable water quality.

The process

Process Engineering was responsible for Conceptual Design (CD). On the basis of a linewalk we prepared a proposal to upgrade the production and distribution of the process water facility.

In connection with the linewalk we focused on UV units, deadlegs, drainability and placement of test taps.

Conceptual design på opgradering af procesvandsanlæg

Service and scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project include:

  • PI Diagram drawings
  • Time schedule
  • Budget estimate
  • Conceptual Design report (incl. executive summary)

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