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Project description

In Process Engineering we are often design partners in design of CIP facility. CIP, which stands for “Cleaning in Place”, is internal cleaning of pipes, containers, filters and process equipment, without disassembling or opening the equipment and with minimal manual handling required of the operator. In the cleaning process any surfaces that are exposed to the product are cleaned by circulating a cleaning solution through the facility at high flow velocity.

For a customer, who provides process solutions to the food industry, we designed a CIP facility with item list, PI Diagram and operating instruction.

The process

One of our engineers designed a CIP facility based on the customer’s wishes for capacity.

In the design of the CIP facility, our employee took into account the number of plants/process lines that needed to be cleaned, how the facility was constructed in regards to flow, and how big the tanks for acid, lye and hot water should be. Based on this he calculated the capacity for the CIP process, specified all components according to the size of the pipes and exchangers and completed an operating instruction for the entire facility.

CIP anlæg

Service and scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project include:

  • Item list
  • PI Diagram
  • Operating instruction