CE marking of inspection platforms on Storebæltsbroen


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Project description

Storebæltsbroen (the bridge over the Great Belt) consists of a high bridge and a low bridge, divided by Sprogø. The high bridge, which is the eastern bridge, is a steel bridge where the middle part is suspended in two main cables. The main cables are anchored in the two anchor blocks and the cables rest on the two pylons. The low bridge, which is the western bridge, is a relatively low concrete construction. Under the bridges and on top of the main cables there are some service platforms. Since the construction of these platforms, there has been some constructional changes. If there are significant design changes, a new risk assessment and CE marking must be made. AS Storenælt wanted to ensure that the Machine Directive was complied with.

The project has just been finished, and Process Engineering’s role has been to review the CE marking and the risk assessment of the construction on all four platforms and ensure that the platforms comply with the current requirements in the Machine directive.

The process

Process Engineering has been hired as consultant for CE marking and identify the risks that may have arisen since the delivery in order to ensure a complete documentation. The Machine Directive requires full documentation on everything, so the Working Environment Authority can be aquianted with how the machines work and whether there are deficiencies. Throughout the years, there has been work on the service platforms for both the east and west bridges’ constructions. They must all be documented, CE marked and risk assessed. Therefore, we have close contact with both the customer and subcontractor to obtain the current documentation. Based on this, we determine the risks of the structures.

All paper material is digitized to create a comprehensive documentation containing technical dossier, declaration of conformity and risk assessment.

In connection with another project on Storebæltsbroen (bridge over the Great Belt), Process Engineering has received an extra project regarding painting of the bridge’s expansion joints, which are the steel elements where the bridge can compensate for the bridge girders’ temperature changes. Here we are responsible for the risk assessment of a painting cabinet in accordance with the Machine Directive as well as the work processes with regard to ATEX classification.

Service and the scope of the project

Our service and the scope of the project include:

  • CE marking
  • Risk assessment
  • Update of CE marking sign
  • Collection of documentation from subcontractor
  • Complete documentation in  each dossier
The east bridge's cable inspection platform
The east bridge's inspection platform on the connection subject
The east bridge's inspection platform on the connection subject
The east bridge's inspection platform on the hanging subject
The west bridge inspection platform

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