Professional and personal competencies across national borders

In Process Engineering we solve projects both at home and abroad, which means that several of our employees work with projects across national borders. It challenges both the professional and personal competencies.

Through more than 20 years, Process Engineering has worked with projects across national borders in the process industry. In some projects it means a few travel days, while in others it means longer postings.

“We work with many different projects, which I like. In that way you get to work with different kinds of projects and not just one technology. You work with many kinds of customers and processes. Most of the time I spend at the office i Aarhus, but I also work for a customer in Norway, and therefore, sometimes I’m in Norway. I have colleagues both in Denmark and Norway, and for me it gives a great flexibility,” says Casper Jakobsen, who is Process & Project Engineer in the Aarhus department.

Postings create varierty in everyday life

Projects across national borders, which require you to be posted for a longer period of time, help to create variety in everyday life and tasks. Because no two projects are the same, and the tasks vary from project to project.

“Projects abroad are, as everything else, different. You are challenged both professionally and personally, and you have to enjoy this way of working because you work more than the usual 7,5 hours a day. The most important in these kinds of projects is that you have to make decisions and above all you have to be able to adapt to the circumstances. I have been stationed two times: the first time was for 3,5 months in Poland and the second time I was partly stationed for around two years where I worked three days abroad and two days at home. You get a lot of experience and new competencies,” explains Poul Trosborg, who is Engineer in the Copenhagen department.

New cultures and professional aquaintances

Projects across borders does not only give you varierty, but also new experiences and competencies. If you already have a desire to travel, then postings abroad are a great opportunity to get new cultural and professional aquaintances.

“You get to work with people you haven’t met before, and in a place you haven’t been before. That is exciting in itself to meet another culture. Especially, if you have a desire to travel, it is exciting to see something new and meet other cultures,” says Michael Sørensen, who is Senior Project Manager in the Aarhus department.