Process Engineering opens office in the Netherlands

Process Engineering opens a foreign office in the Netherlands. We will start the activities on 1 April from the office in Rosmalen. This after we opened an office in Norway 3 years ago. It fits perfectly with our business growth strategy in which we want to be a renowned partner for local and internationally operating companies.

“Process engineering has a unique position in Denmark with large customers in our portfolio. That is why it is natural for us to take our knowledge abroad as well as to integrate the local knowledge into our company. In our growth strategy, we have chosen to focus on five countries: Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland and Germany. We are already successfully established in Norway and are now also going to work in the Netherlands to realize a successful office there with the same energy. The Netherlands distinguishes itself by the fact that it also has a large dairy and food industry just like in Denmark. Process engineering is particularly strong in the field of dairy and food and we want to make this a success in the Netherlands as well. That is why it is natural for us to open an office here with experienced people. In the longer term, we also expect to expand with our other three business units in the Netherlands,” says CEO Poul B. Jakobsen.The first two employees have been hired and later more will join. Both employees are process engineers with many years of experience within the food and dairy industry.

The first two employees have been recruited and more will be added later. Both employees are process engineers with years of experience within the food and dairy industry.  These are real team workers with good technical insight and an eye for the best designs for the customer.

A market close to the Danish market

The Dutch market is close to the Danish market but has a greater focus on EPCM projects (Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management).

“We experience that the Dutch market is the same as Denmark and our neighboring countries if not ahead in terms of thinking about EPCM projects. This means that there are great opportunities for what we call the “PE model”. This means, among other things, that we carry out detailed Engineering and purchasing specifications and handle all technical purchasing matters on behalf of the customer. This means big savings on investment projects that benefit the customer,” Poul explains.

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