Process Engineering is collaborating on green fuels in the area around Fredericia

Together with other companies Process Engineering is collaborating in a new network to make the area around Fredericia the production center for green fuels.

The goal is clear: a Power-to-X production plant must be established in the area around Fredericia to make it the production center within green fuels in Northern Europe. Exactly that is what the new network will be working on for the next five years.

“We believe in a future with a higher focus on the green transition. There will be a need to make our transport sector greener and phase out fossil fuels. Therefore, we focus a lot on the green transition and participate in projects with a green imprint and support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It is a natural thing for us to collaborate with the companies in this network and together develop an industrial plant for producing green fuels,” says Poul B. Jakobsen, who is CEO in Process Engineering.

The first eMethanol plant in Denmark outside the laboratory is located in Aalborg. Process Engineering was responsible for the engineering of the methanol synthesis. Read more about it here.

Great conditions for creating a production center

For us the Power-to-X technology is not new. Previous work includes design of the first eMethanol plant in Denmark to convert hydrogen and CO2 to eMethanol, and morover we are technical advisors in whether projects are sustainable and profitable.

Together with the many energy and specialist companies in the area around Fredericia and the meeting of both the national electricity and gas network and the regional district heating network all the means for creating a production center for green fuels are present. It will benefit the green transition and create jobs, growth and export.

“Internationally we are at the forefront in regards to engineering of Power-to-X projects. Both as company and employer, we focus on participating in green projects and to offer exciting and attractive jobs within this area, which we clearly see as a potential beacon for Denmark,” says Director for Energy & Renewables in Process Engineering, Claus Christiansen.

Facts of the new network

The project secretariat is financed with DKK 2 million annually for three years. The funding is shared 50/50 by the commercial actors and the participating muncipalities. Until the network has established its own secretariat, TVIS and Trekantområdet Danmark will handle the secretaria service.

Read the press release from the network here.

Contact me for more information
Poul B. Jakobsen
Phone: +45 2424 1183
The parties in the network February  1st 2021
  • Cowi
  • Process Engineering
  • Airco Process Technology A/S
  • Nature Energy
  • Everyfuel
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Shell
  • Ørsted
  • Energnist
  • Billund Lufthavn
  • ASP – Fredericia Havn
  • Vattenfall
  • TVIS – Trekantområdets Varmetransmissionsselskab
  • Trekantområdet Danmark
  • Vejle Kommune
  • Kolding Kommune
  • Fredericia Kommune
  • Middelfart Kommune
  • Billund Kommune
  • Haderslev Kommune
  • Vejen Kommune