Process Engineering is a part of Energy Cluster Denmark

Process Engineering has taken a further step in the work with the green transition and has become a part of the network Energy Cluster Denmark.

Energy Cluster Denmark is Denmark’s cluster organisation for the entire energy sector. Their vision is for Denmark to be a leading green nation in the development and demonstration of innovative and global energy solutions. Especially, the focus is to accelerate the green transition and CO2 reduction by developing new world-leading technological solutions across energy sector and through sector coupling. This is exactly what we work with in Process Engineering.

“We focus alot on the green transition in Process Engineering. We do that by participating in projects with a green imprint and supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and being a part of the networks that focus on the green transition. Most recently we have become a part of a network in area around Fredericia that will make the area production center for green fuels, and now we have become a part of Energy Cluster Denmark. We have the experience with the green transition from previous projects such as sustainable energy and responsible consumption and production of our resources. Therefore, we are happy also to be a part of Energy Cluster Denmark and contribute with our competencies,” says Poul B. Jakobsen, CEO at Process Engineering.

Get more information of Energy Cluster Denmark

You can read more about Energy Cluster Denmark on their website and learn how they focus on the green transition.

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