Process Engineering expands and handles more projects in the slaughter industry

Earlier this year our business area ‘pharma’ was established, and now we are expanding the company once again with Slaughter and Fresh meat under our business area food & biotech. This means that we now offer our services in the slaughter industry.

Process Engineering’s continued expansion of its business happens as a part of the strategy 3xPE, where we are offering our many years of experience within process design, technologies and solutions to the food industry.

“Process Engineering has many years of experience of handling assignments and projects within food & biotech. We believe it’s crucial to be able to offer experienced, professional skills in slaughter and fresh meat in order to provide professional consultancy services. Process Engineering’s consulting services will secure better returns for customers, an improved environment and optimum payback time. At the same time, there is definitely a need in the market for experienced, professional skills,” says Director of the Food & Biotech Section Michael Hastrup Andersen.

Independent contractor-based solutions

The new business area is managed by Michael Hastrup Andersen in close partnership with a number of competent employees from the offices in Denmark and Norway. The projects are handled based on the customers’ needs and by means of independent solutions.

“Our focus on slaughter and fresh meat is based on an engineering approach to handling projects. We take a practical approach based on the customer’s situation, which means that our solutions fully live up to the requirements and needs that we agree on with the customer. And our solutions are independent of specific contractor-based solutions,” explains Michael Hastrup Andersen.

3xPE strategy is working

In October 2018 Process Engineering’s new strategy “3xPE” was presented with a clear focus on growth in the number of employees and also a strong focus on the individual industries. Growth is already taking place; at the moment the number of employees is 113, and the expansion of competences has so far involved the establishment of the Pharma area and now also Food & Biotech with an increased focus on Slaughter and Fresh meat.

“We see our future growth as an expansion of our previous business, but also as a clear strength of our professional competences within the Slaughter industry. This purposeful strengthening of our competences enables us to take on more projects within the industry. For this reason we’ve recently focused on hiring employees with experience of slaughtering,” states CEO Poul B. Jakobsen.

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