Poul B. Jakobsen

Process Engineering A/S’ CEO is turning 60

Poul B. Jakobsen, founder and CEO of Process Engineering A/S, turns 60 years on the last day of the year.

When the year ends on 31 December, Poul B. Jakobsen can both celebrate his birthday and look forward to a new year – a year with a 25th anniversary of the company he founded in 1999. A company that has grown from being a two-person company to today almost employing 100 people across three countries.

Poul has a degree as machine worker and later as mechanical engineering from Compenhagen Technical School, and before he founded Process Engineering A/S, he worked at Anhydro (today SPX) and Union Engineering (today Pentair). Together with a former business partner he saw a need to help companies in the process industry, and then Process Engineering A/S came to life. The five Danish office opened continuously in the following years, the first foreign office opened in Oslo in Norway in 2019, in 2022 the office in Den Bosch in the Netherlands opened, and most recently another office in Stavanger in Norway has been added. In 2024 another Danish office opens – this time in Esbjerg so the hole country is covered.

Over the years, Process Engineering A/S has received five Gazelles, several business awards and in 2023 named as Denmark’s best workplace for seniors.

Poul celebrates his birthday privately with family and friends.

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