Mogens Olesen

Mogens Olesen can celebrate round-numbered birthday

On July 23, another of Process Engineering’s employees reaches a milestone. Mogens Olesen can celebrate that he turns 50.

Mogens is COO in Process Engineering with the responsibility of the Danish market. A job he got headhunted for just over six months ago by CEO Poul B. Jakobsen as a part of our growth strategy. However, he has been at Process Engineering for a longer time. Before he became COO he was employed as an external consultant and managed the construction of a new Tine dairy in Ireland.

The past six months has offered “full speed ahead” as he himself says, where he has been both challenged with his engineering knowledge and become aquainted with new technologies.

“It is incredibly exciting to be a part of a company as Process Engineering, because the extent of the projects and the human aspect are great. That is something that I enjoy working with; humans and technologies. At Process Engineering we work with many engineering aspects, and if you fall short in some areas, you can be sure there is a colleague somewhere in the organisation, who holds that knowledge. This is a tremendous strenght to have, and it also gives us great opportunities. Also, Process Engineering is a company, which does not say no. We just challenge ourselves. Among others I have become aquainted with new and greener technologies, that help to bring Denmark at front, which I think is great to be a part of,” Mogens Olesen says.

At Process Engineering we congratulate Mogens with the round-numbered day.

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