Valdimar H. Sigurbjörnsson

Position: Technical Project Manager
Education: Mechanical Engineer
Mobile: +45 2986 8053
Valdimar H. Sigursbjörnsson

Valdimar H. Sigurbjörnsson is mechanical engineer and through his career he has gained strong experience with all kinds of project work within various industries. In addition to his extensive experience with techical project management and coordination of both large and minor projects, he has strong experience with several unit operations especially for the industry. He has worked in the boiler industry with i.a. calculations/layout and design of both hot oil and water/steam boilers and boiler plants and also layout of  exhaust gas boilers.

He has also worked with calculations/layout and design of supply systems (utility) for diesel engine based power plants such as water/steam systems, lubrication and fuel oil systems, compressed air and flue gas equipment.

Moreover, he has extensive experience in preparing technical specifications, system descriptions and requirement specifications.

Specialty in:

  • Technical project manager/coordination
  • Project management
  • Planning and follow-up
  • Inspections and validation
  • Review and approval of documentation
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • System descriptions and requirement specification
  • Layout and design of pipes, valves, instruments and various components
  • Supply systems (utility); water/steam, lubrication and fuel oil, compressed air, flue gas equipment, cooking oil etc.
  • Tender work, price calculation and budget
  • Development projects
  • Documentation
  • FAT and SAT
  • GMP

Other qualifications:

Valdimar H. Sigurbjörnsson will, among other things, strengthen Process Engineering A/S’ competencies within several unit operations, validation and design, specification and establishment of equipment.