Torben Leif Svendsen

Position: Project Manager/Design Engineer
Mobile: +45 2892 7238
Torben Leif Svendsen_profilbillede

Torben L. Svendsen has a degree as Mechanical Engineer within construction from the college of engineering in Copenhagen. Throughout the last 30 years, Torben has worked at various companies as Meliora Bio, Novo Nordisk, Trepko and Siemens Particle Therapy, where he has developed great competencies.

At Meliora Bio, Torben was employed as Process Owner of maintenance and was responsible for developing a plant that could create a healthy food ingredient from straw and steam. Moreover, he also developed special process components and a new type of regulating valve for extremely wearing materials.

At Novo Nordisk, he worked as Production Manager for support and was responsible for maintenance of the insulin factory IM1, standardization and development of processes and production equipment. In addition, he has had a broad area of responsibility working with development and optimization of procedures, tests and documentation, cGMP-work, goals in DAPI-standard, training of Novo Nordisk A3- facilitator for SPL, IV-, MWD-, FIT- and SOP-responsible. He has also trained process responsibles, operators, smiths and marine engineers with knowledge of the production system based on IRS and the existing plant. Also, he was responsible for implementation of the technical part, had contact with authorities and FDA inspection.

At Trepko, Torben was Design Engineer and worked with construction of packing machines for wrapping food, while he was Project Engineer and Design Specialist at Siemens with the responsibility of development, 3D design and production of advanced machines for research.

Specialty in:

  • Project management
  • Design and construction of equipment
  • Process responsible for maintenance of insulin factory
  • cGMP-work
  • DAPI-standard
  • Sanitary design
  • Packing machines for wrapping food
  • Cancer treatment plant
  • Injector machines
  • Machines for seed and corn processing
  • Ion accelerator, magnets and electrostatic units
  • Lead acid battery
  • Magnets up to 25 tons for 100kw

Other qualifications:

Torben L. Svendsen will strengthen Process Engineering A/S’ competencies within project management and construction of plants in Pharma, Food & Biotech and Process industry.