Simon Kaltoft Sønderby

Position: Process Engineer
Education: Energy Engineer
Mobile: +45 6011 2178
Simon Kaltoft Sønderby

Simon Kaltoft Sønderby is Energy Engineer from Aalborg University specialized in thermal energy and process technique. He comes from an employment af project engineer at Svedan Industry Refrigeration systems where he designed industrial refrigeration systems primarily for the district refrigeration industry and among others were responsible for project management, documentation, procurement, supervision and offical approval.

Moreover, he has 5 years of experiences with flue gas treatment plants (DeNOx) for the heavy industry at FlowVision A/S where he designed, developed and commissioned ammonia/urea dosing plant both at home and abroad. He has performed numerical flow calculations (CFD) within incineration plants and flue gas treatment systems on a consultant basis.

Specialty in:

  • Thermodynamic and process technical calculations
  • Numeric flow modeling (CFD)
  • Refrigeration systems
  • P&ID inventories
  • Managing and operation descriptions
  • Project management
  • Instrumentation
  • Commissioning
  • Visual Basic programming

Other qualifications:

Simon Kaltoft Sønderby will, among other things, strengthen Process Engineering A/S’ competencies within design and documentation of process plants, energy technical and fluid mechanical calculations, refrigeration plants and simulation.