Rasmus Dørig Nilsson

Position: Technical Designer
Education: Technical Designer
Mobile: +45 2679 5556
Rasmus Dørig Nilsson

Rasmus Dørig Nilsson is trained as Technical Designer from EUD Syd in Haderslev. He started his career by designing masts for sailing ships and has subsequently worked with Plant design of process equipment and liquid systems for fish food factories, as well as documentation at Graintec.

Most recently, he comes from a job at Skals Machinery, where he worked in their sales department both with Plant design of machines for handling food, rendering and sales oriented tasks.

Specialty in:

  • Plant design of process equipment.
  • Design of liquid systems.
  • Documentation.
  • Inventor, Bentley MicroStation & Aveva E3D.

Other qualifications:

Rasmus Dørig Nilsson will, among other things, strenghten Process Engineering A/S’ competencies within Plant design, liquid systems and documentation.