Per Zakarias Sørensen

Position: Senior Project Engineer
Education: Dairyman
Mobile: +45 6011 2181
Per Zakarias Sørensen

Per Zakarias Sørensen is educated as dairyman and later as food technician. At the beginning of his career Per worked as a dairyman at MD, Nestlé and Arla Foods in Nr. Vium and later as food technician at Arla Foods Ingredients, R&D and innovation center in NR. Vium. For almost two years Per was stationed in Argentina, where he worked with construction and operation of pilot plant, renovation of buildings, service installations and plants.

In 2005 he got employed at APV/Invensys/SPX, where he worked in GPE (General Project Engineering) for seven years as Process and Commissioning Engineer. Here he was responsible for  review of PID, function and process descriptions, design of process lines (cheese, recombination, whey/lactose, butter & ion exchange) and start-up of the process plants in the project.

Then he was employed as process engineer at Scanflavour (Essentia Proteins), where he worked with optimization of process plants, rebuilding/building of process lines, selection of machine equipment and components, procurement, installation agreements, management description and commissioning with the production.

Most recently, he comes from an employement of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration as supervisory technician in detail with inspection visits to restaurants, shops and institutions.

Specialty in:

  • Rebuilding/building
  • Review of PID
  • Function and process description
  • Design of process lines
  • Optimization of process plants
  • Commissioning

Other qualifications:

Per Zakarias Sørensen will, among other things, strengthen Process Engineering A/S’ competencies within the food industry with his experiences with food processing plants for handling liquid and powder products, process steps such as separation, dosing, heat treatment and drying, as well as hygiene in connection with food production, bacteriology, food product knowledge and cleaning.

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