Per Johansen

Position: Technical Project Manager
Education: Ship Engineer
Mobile: +45 60 11 21 88
Per Johansen

Per Johansen has a degree as ship engineer at Helsingør Technical College, and throughout his career he has worked with project mangement and design of Marine Tank Management systems and HVAC-systems (Heat, Ventilation, Aircondition, Control) for ships. In that way, he has gained many years of experience with hydraulic, ventilation and pipe systems. At the same time, Per has also experience with design and production of fiberglass parts for wind turbines. Also, Per is trained as a wooden ship carpenter and has practicial experience with manufacturing of constructions in wood, steel, aluminium and fiberglass.

Specialty in:

  • Technical project management
  • Ship construction
  • Steel construction and production
  • Fiberglass construction and production
  • Marine Hydraulic systems
  • Marine HVAC-systems

Other qualifications:

Per Johansen will, among other things, strenghten Process Engineering A/S’ competencies within project management, planning, follow-up, concept design of plants and constructions, technical descriptions and presentations, specification of equipment and constructions, concept and layout drawings in 2D and 3D, technical calculations, test and handover of products and systems, cost saving analysis and estimates.