Palle Efland

Position: Head of department, Copenhagen
Mobile: +45 6011 2172
Palle Efland

Palle Efland has a degree in mechanical engineering from Odense Technical College, and through his career he has worked with several industries where he has built up strong competencies in Spray Drying. He has, among other things, 18 years of experience from GEA Process Engineering and SPX Flow, where he has worked with Spray Drying within food, dairy and pharma.

In addition, he has worked with desalination plants wihtin the oil and gas industry at Alfa Laval, and he has management experience of larger and smaller teams/departments.

Specialty in:

  • Project management
  • Management and administration
  • Planning including resource management
  • Tender work, price calculations
  • Inspection

Other qualifications:

Palle Efland will, among other things, strenghten Process Engineering A/S’ competencies within project management, planning and resource management.