Michel Carl Chekerdemian

Position: Senior Project Engineer
Education: Machine Technician
Mobile: +45 6011 2180
Michel Carl Chekerdemian

Michel Carl Chekerdemian is educated as Machine Technician and through his career he has work both at home and abroad. He started his career at APV Denmark (today known as SPX Flow), where he worked as Project Engineer and Project Manager in various projects among others with extension of process plants in dairies. Since then he has worked as Project Manager at GEA and AFRY regarding several Green Field projects. In these he worked with development of solutions, financial management, technical support and contract management.

During his time at GEA, Michel was also stationed in Singapore for 3,5 years. First as Project Manager and later as Head of Department within South East Asia.

Specialty in:

  • Process design
  • CAPEX calculation
  • Project Management
  • Change Order Management
  • Mass balance
  • PI Diagram
  • Inventories
  • Building layout and machine plan
  • Documentation
  • Contract management
  • Planning
  • Budget management
  • Tender calculation
  • Process optimization

In addition, he also has practical experience with processes within coconut water, oat based drink and chewing tobacco.

Other qualifications:

Michel Carl Chekerdemian will, among other things, strengthen Process Engineering A/S’ competencies wihtin the Food & Biotech industry with his experience in process design, project management and dairy processes.