Kim Dines Petersen

Position: Senior Project Manager
Education: Marine Engineer
Mobile: +45 6126 4790
Kim Dines Petersen

Kim Dines Petersen is Marine Engineer and has a degree in IPMA project management. Through his career he has worked in several industries such as oil and gas, district heating and tobacco in which he has acquired strong competencies within project management and proces industry.

Previously, Kim has worked at AircoDiet where he first was employed as Project Manager and later as Engineering Manager responsible for executing large projects and implementering new technology. This was within the tobacco industry where CO2 management was a part of the process. Then he was employed at Process Engineering A/S and worked as Project Manager in several projects.

Most recently, he comes from a position as Project Manager at Aller Aqua A/S with responsiblity for the establishment of a new product unit/factory in Christiansfeld. Moreover, he was responsible of implementing an overall project model in the organization.

Specialty in:

  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Budget
  • Team leader
  • Pipe/instruments
  • Process design
  • PID
  • PFD
  • Product design
  • Instrumentation specification
  • PED

Other qualifications:

Kim Dines Petersen will, among other things, strenghten Process Engineering A/S competencies within project management, advice for new process plants, PID, PFD, instrumentation specification and pipe desing.