Jørn Andersen

Position: Sales Manager
Education: Engineer
Mobile: +45 6011 2172
Jørn Andersen_profilbillede

Jørn Andersen has a background as an engineer with a long sales career behind him, where he has sold turn-key projects and equipment of high complexity all over the world. He has experiences from the food and feed industry, offshore and industrial gases, sales of spray drying plants (Sanovo Technology), fish food factories (Graintech) and CO2 plants (Union Engineering) from which he has knowledge of various types of process plants as the core of the projects, which Process Engineering advises and assists the customers with.

Specialty in:

  • Turn-key projects within food and feed production
  • Fluid handling, pasteurization, spray drying
  • Powder handling
  • Process plant for industrial gases
  • Feed systems for salmon farming
  • Handling & packaging of foods

Other qualifications:

Jørn is employed in our headquarters in Fredericia, but will support all the departments in Process Engineering A/S in Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.