Kristina L. Jakobsen can celebrate a special day

Today, 22 August, is a special day for one of our employees in Process Engineering. It is Kristina L. Jakobsen’s birthday, and she turns 50 years old.

Kristina L. Jakobsen is a Technical Designer in our department in Copenhagen from where she in recent years has prepared everything from PIDs, 3D models and isometrics in both large and small projects. Among other things, she was involved in one of our major projects at Avista Green with the reconstruction of a new refinery.

“The first project I worked on was the Avista project in Kalundborg. It was an awesome project to work on, because I followed it from start to finish and saw what we had drawn become a physical facility. Since then I have worked on all sorts of projects, both large and small projects, where I have drawn pipe drawings and isometries, which the blacksmiths have been able to build from. Right now I’m working on making PID for a PtX plant. The diversity of the projects makes it exciting. At the same time, there is always a good atmosphere here. Even if we are busy, we take it with a smile, and if you need help, there is always someone in the company, who can and will help you,” tells Kristina L. Jakobsen.

We wish Kristina happy birthday.

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