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Great Place to Work® certified for the third year in a row

For the third time in a row, Process Engineering has become Great Place to Work® certified. That we are very proud of. The fact that we get the certificate again this year means that we are doing something right around our workplace.

“We are very proud of getting the certificate agian this year and especially in this period with the covid-19 pandemic. The employees are our most important resource and the reason for our success, and the fact that we for the third year in a row get certified in Great Place to Work® means that we do something right in our job to create an attractive workplace,” tells CEO Poul B. Jakobsen.

The analysis, which the certification is based on, has been carried out by Great Place to Work® and aims to uncover the working environment and job satisfaction. For us it is a great tool, which is why we chose to participate for the first time in 2018. Between each of our certifications we have worked with the subjects the employees have pointed out for improvement. But we have also looked at those subjects that have worked well. Because it is as the CEO says: “We only become the best by having the best employees and listening to them.”

Involvement and team spirit is the way froward

As a consulting engineering company our most important resource is our employees and the knowledge and service we provide to our customers. Therefore, the management make a great effort to create a good and innovative workplace where trust and commuinity are key words. That is why it is important for us that all employees are involved. At the same time we focus on creating team spirit across the organisation. We do that by sharing knowledge and having social events.

“All social events are charactirized by PE’s ability and willingness to value and appreciate the employees. The events give you great opportunity to build a network that create cohesion between the employees, and also the opportunities for support to solve the problems that may arise in the projects. In addition, there are staff meetings throughout the year, where information about “the state of the kingdom” is provided in a quite open dialogue,” says Steen H. Blenstrup, Engineer at Process Engineering.

The results from this year’s analysis will, like the other years, be used to highlight the things that Process Engineering should work on to be an even better workplace.

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